Charles A Upsdell

Website Design


There are normally four costs to having your own site:

  • Domain Name Costs: it can cost just US$12.00 / year for your domain name - e.g., - for a name that ends in .com, .org, .net, .biz, or .info. Costs of other domain names typically range from this up to about US$ 35.00 / year.

    [find out if the domain name you want is available …]

  • Hosting Costs: it can cost under US$7.00 a month for a U.S. server — under CDN$4.00 a month for a Canadian server — to host your website.

    Costs may be higher for sites that are large or complex, or that have special needs.

  • Design Costs: the fee I charge for making a site depends on how large and complex the site is. When you give me information about your needs, I will give you a rough estimate. When I fully understand your needs, I will give you a firm quote.

  • Upkeep Costs: I charge an hourly fee for making minor changes to a finished site. There is a dis­count if you buy a 10-hour pre-paid block of time. For major changes I will give you a firm quote, just as I do when I make a new site.